Community Healthcare Innovations

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Graham O'Leary
12, Cairns Avenue, Woodford Green, essex, IG8 8DH
0208 505 3575
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Community Healthcare Innovations is a not-for-profit organisation that cares passionately about the people of Woodford and surrounding area. We are rapidly establishing ourselves as an effective service provider in the community by delivering first class community projects.

What do we do?

We design and deliver a range of innovative projects that address what we call “The six foundations of personal well-being”
1: Emotional
2: Social
3: Physical
4: Mental
5: Financial
6: Spiritual

Our Approach is driven by our belief in four foundational principles:
1:We believe in improved self esteem and self confidence is central to personal 
2: We believe people do not want a hand-out, they want a hand-up
3: We believe each person’s journey is unique and programmes must be tailored to their personal needs.
4: We believe to be effective, a development programme should encompass all of the six foundations

Our Vision

Health & Well-being For All
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