March 2018

Voting decisionsVoting decisions

There are two words I try hard not to overuse in this column and in this publication: 'local' and 'community'. I have to try hard because those two words – which combine seamlessly to form a perfect descriptor for so many elements of a... local community magazine – are all too easily devalued when used too liberally. Like a mischievous child saying sorry time and time again or newly-weds continually declaring their love, the power of certain words can decline with repeated use. In order to convey sincerity, we must choose our words carefully.

But this issue is different. With local council elections on the horizon, we have given over a substantial chunk of editorial space to those members of the community who are asking for your vote on 3 May, and will do so again next month. And when it comes to local election candidates seeking support from members of the local community, it's hard – nigh on impossible – to cap the local community lexeme. In our last issue, a quick word count tells me 'local' occurred 69 times, 'community' 29 times and 'local community' six times. That's a fairly average tally, kept under control by careful proofreading and judicious use of a thesaurus. Not so this time around, with the count rising to 137, 75 and 20 respectively. Our prospective councillors clearly like to talk about community issues, and local ones at that.

So, if national and international politics are testing your levels of engagement, take a look at the issues closer to home and say the two magic words: local community. Join the celebration of the true meaning of 'local', the true meaning of 'community' and the even more powerful meaning that is derived from uniting the two.