Hidden doorways part II

©Stephen Lines©Stephen Lines

In the second of a series of articles looking at Wanstead's 'hidden doorways', local resident and photography enthusiast Stephen Lines challenges you to identify the location of this brick-framed entrance point.

At this time of year, the transformative power of nature is obvious. The spring snow did not deter the daffodils from blooming in a swathe of gold on Christchurch Green or the bluebells from raising their fragrant heads in Chalet Wood. The cherry blossom, stripped by the winds, has made way for the scented flowers of the hawthorn and the pink-edged, white blossoms of the horse chestnut, like candles on the vast trees along Wanstead High Street.

Walking through Wanstead, it is noticeable how the area is transforming. It is as if Wanstead, like nature, is replenishing itself. Small children scooting along to keep up with their parents and young families congregating on the High Street emphasise that Wanstead has a growing, young community. There are also those who have been here for longer. Custodians of a local history and experience to be shared with new Wanstead folk.

Time is transformative. A bank might become a bakery, a car showroom may convert into a wine warehouse and the stables of a lost stately home form part of a golf club. Some buildings remain constant but the transformation over time is always evident.

My interest in photography was inspired by the transformative power of a photograph. Like nature, this can be dazzling. How many photographs have there been that change the viewer's paradigm, stimulate an emotion or haunt our memories? To be able to create an image which can tell a story without words must be the ambition of most photographers, myself included.

Wandering through the margins of Wanstead, you may come across a new door in an old doorway through a time-worn wall. The grooms and horses may have gone but here is history and the present together in one small space. A hidden door in plain sight.

To view more of Stephen's images, visit wavidi.co/slines

This month's doorway is in the old stable buildings, now part of Wanstead Golf course on Warren drive.

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