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Ahead of a public meeting to establish an environmental charter for Wanstead, Wanstead Village councillors Jo Blackman, Paul Donovan and Daniel Morgan-Thomas report on their diverse work schedule.

It was great to be present at Wanstead Library over the summer for the initial unveiling of the plans for the swimming pool to be based at Wanstead High School. The event was well attended, with a universally positive response. Anyone with views on the plans is encouraged to make those representations in the consultation.

Crime is an issue that concerns everyone. Government cuts to police budgets have contributed to the problem of crime across the country – Wanstead has been no exception. However, working closely with our Safer Neighbourhood Teams, we have been endeavouring to counter the threat. One major success has been the location of three new CCTV cameras in the area. This is part of the council's commitment to address crime, as best it can, remembering that this responsibility rests foremost with the government, mayor and police.

We were also quickly on the scene when travellers briefly invaded George Green at the end of August. The forthright actions of the police and Epping Forest keepers ensured the traveller group were moved on inside 24 hours. The injunction obtained by Redbridge Council earlier this year should also help ensure any travellers attempting to set up camp can be dealt with promptly.

Another welcome development from our early months in office has been the news that the first piece in the 20s Plenty jigsaw for Wanstead is coming into place. When out on the campaign trail ahead of the elections in May, we found people concerned about road safety and keen on the proposal for 20mph speed limits in the area. Now, there is a consultation underway for a 20mph limit in the area bordered by Overton Drive, Warren Road, Redbridge Lane West, the A12 and Blake Hall Road. If agreeable, this could begin the process of making the whole of Wanstead into a low-speed, low-emissions zone.

Finally, plans for an environmental charter for Wanstead are beginning to take shape. We aim to develop a number of initiatives that will help improve the local environment in Wanstead and hopefully set an example to other areas. There is to be a public meeting this month, when there will be more on the charter and a wider discussion about environmental matters.

So, although it is early days, we do feel as the new ward councillors working together with fellow councillors in Wanstead Park that some really positive steps have already been taken, moving towards our shared vision for a safer, cleaner and greener Wanstead.

To participate in the Wanstead swimming pool consultation, visit

A public meeting about the environmental charter for Wanstead will take place at Wanstead Library on 25 October from 7.30pm. For more information, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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