Michelle Dunn (Wanstead Village, Conservative)

Michelle DunnMichelle Dunn

Michelle Dunn is a Conservative Party candidate for the new Wanstead Village ward in the upcoming Redbridge Council elections. Here's why she thinks she deserves your vote on 3 May.

Wanstead – which I am proud to call home – is a unique and exciting place to live, full of creative energy and community spirit. I have lived in Wanstead for over 30 years. Since my election in 2002, I have held cabinet posts for Highways and Housing. I am a former deputy leader of the Conservative Group and have been a councillor for the former Wanstead ward for 16 years.

As a councillor and resident, I am dedicated to serving the community in many different areas, including promoting a cleaner environment, fighting high-rise developments, road safety, transport and housing issues.

One of the key reasons why I wanted to become a councillor is that I am dedicated to serving the community and enjoy dealing with the concerns of residents in many diverse areas, such as promoting a cleaner environment (helping alongside my colleagues on the litter pick on the green).

I attend regular meetings of the residents' associations and neighbourhood watch meetings, and work with the police and ward panel to try and make Wanstead a safer, better place to live.

Over the last 16 years, I have developed an effective local network to help address residents' key issues.

As one of the three candidates for Wanstead Village, if elected, I am determined to restore local democracy to Wanstead. Residents must have a meaningful say instead of decisions being taken behind closed doors in Ilford. As my colleague Steve has stated, the community is at the heart of the work of a councillor.

I am proud to have played an important part in the campaign to reinstate the free garden waste collection service in Redbridge, which was well regarded by residents. Through a petition to the council, we managed to secure a rethink of its decision to scrap the free service and perform a long-overdue U-turn. However, there is certainly more to be done to improve the deterioration in street cleansing and fly-tipping in Wanstead and we are holding the council to account on this.

If elected in May with my fellow Conservative ward colleagues, Scott Wilding and Steve Wilks, we are firmly committed to working with the residents of Wanstead, helping with all problems and issues that arise, be they small or large, so that we can aspire to a cleaner, better and safer borough.

Our long-term commitment to our community is one key reason to vote for us on 3 May.

Redbridge Council elections will take place on 3 May. Visit wavidi.co/vote2018